We’re your after work travel companion, your fast pass to travel fun and your sure bet to a winning vacation. We show you how planning is simple and we send you where you want to go. Rest Assured we are the real deal, that means we’re for building real synergy that connects the consumer to the brand experience and linking both to a memorable vacation compliments of your company.

There Is no better way to engage, excite, activate and convert than travel.

Want to offer this incentive to your employees as well? No problem, we send you where you want to go. Assured Travel has touched over 2.5 million consumers, created over 800,000 consumer travel experiences. Our dedicated team executes over 36,000 travel itineraries per year.
Our headquarters are located in Carlsbad, California.


Assured Travel was launched with the vision to become the leading Corporate Travel Incentive Group by driving customer engagements, activations & conversions through white label branded travel experiences.

Assured Travel will serve up the best opportunities in some of the most sought after destinations. Today, the Top 5
consumer requests by destination are Orlando, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Southern California & Mexico. Our management, customer service specialists and travel specialists have more than 200 years of combined travel/leisure experience. We have a passion for travel and connecting people to a memorable experience.