Your Premier Source for the Most Unique Vacation Opportunities at Amazing Prices!

What We Do! Assured Travel, a division of FASTTRACK Promotions and an Official Marketing Partner for The Official NASCAR® Members Club, has been in business since 2006. Originally launched to be a catalyst for ONMC membership drives to provide their race fans with memorable vacations, Assured Travel has specialized in working with the public since 2010 to bring them some of the most unique and innovative travel products on the market at incredible cost savings.

Who We Work With! Assured Travel excels at partnering with travel providers, including Delta and United Airlines, Carnival and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, hundreds of brand name hotels, and thousands of individual resorts worldwide to find our travelers the best offers at unbelievable prices. We stand behind our unique and appealing travel packages, which combine high value and low cost with outstanding customer service!

Why Choose Assured Travel! By choosing Assured Travel for your personal travel, you are assured that we will bring you the best travel opportunities at some of the best prices. Our management, travel specialists and customer service agents have more than 150 years of combined travel experience and we really love what we do.

Unique travel opportunities are available and just a click away.

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